Northern Beaches Suns is proud to introduce it’s membership programme for 2018.

Membership entitles you to:-
  • Key-ring with unique member number;
  • Member’s draws;
  • Discounts from selected sponsors;
  • Discounts on selected club social events;
  • Voting rights.
Applying is simple; all you have to do is:-
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions below;
  • Fill in the details on the form below and submit;
  • When contacted, visit clubhouse and make payment.
  • LIFE MEMBERSHIP – reserved for life members as nominated by the committee. (#’s 1 to 10 are also reserved for life members);
  • CLUB MEMBERSHIP – for members, players affiliated to the club and immediate family;
  • SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP – for people external to the club who wish to be part of a family-friendly social atmosphere.
  • CLUB MEMBERSHIP – $7 for the Key Ring
  • SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP – $37 comprising of $7 for key-ring and $30 membership fee.


Membership Terms & Conditions

Definitions : The Club - "Northern Beaches Suns AFC".
              You - the person applying for membership.
1. You agree to all terms & conditions outlined in this document.
2. The Club reserves the right to alter these terms, conditions and costs from time to time.
3. By submitting an application You agree to abide by these terms and conditions.
4. Applications made by You for Membership must be approved by The Club.
5. Application for membership must be paid for in full before You are eligible for Members Draws, Discounts and other promotional offers.
6. Once approved, You will be issued a key-ring with your membership number. It is the responsibility of You to ensure it is not lost or misplaced.
7. The key becomes the property of You in full once paid for. 
8. Membership periods last from 1st January to 31st December for that year.
9. Membership payments may be waived by The Club at their discretion (e.g. for Life Members)
10. Memberships may be suspended or cancelled by The Club should You be in breach of any AFL policies, these Terms & Conditions or Code of Conduct breaches.
11. Memberships may be declined by The Club for similar reasons as those stated in pt 10.
12. Should You be subject to any of the points raised in pt 10 or pt 11, you will be notified by The Club.
13. Membership is non-transferable and assigned only to You.
14. You must be present at draws to win. If draw jackpots, it shall do so for 4 weeks and redrawn until prize is claimed.