Suns 2020 – !!! 40 in 40 !!!

In 2019, we became the largest club in Townsville. We want that to grow and cement our position at the top. This will drive our tilt to be a major force in AFL in Townsville.

Our part of town is growing 27% faster then any other area so let’s get ’em in!

We want everyone in the Northern Beaches area to know we’re here and ready to shine in 2020.

Our members are our greatest asset and also our greatest recruiters so here’s the deal…

We want to recruit 40 new players to the club in 40 days starting NOW

Anyone who recruits new player into the club will get $50 off their fees !!!

The new player will get $100 off their fees!!!!

The person who recruits the most players into the club will be awarded SUNS Recruiter of the Year and will get an Award at a presentation mid year !!!!!

Talk to us at the club for terms and conditions and get on board for 2020 !!!